Bilal Naseer

With an experience of almost 3 years, Bilal Naseer excels in full-stack development. His base skills include PHP (Laravel, CorePHP, Codeigniter), JavaScript (AngularJS, Angular 5-10, jQuery, VueJs), Database access (MySQL, MongoDB), WordPress, Bakery, Elementor, CMS, WooCommerce, Divi, Plugin, and Theme Customization, HTML5/CSS3/Bootstrap4 (UI/UX), Responsive Web Design, Mobile UI, Website speed optimization, RestAPIs, and OOP. Apart from these, his other skills include Adobe Photoshop and proficiency in tools (VS Code, Visual Studio, sublime, and Net Bean).

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Bilal Naseer
PHP (Laravel, Core PHP,codeigniter) JavaScript (AngularJS, Angular 5-10, jQuery, vueJs) Database (MySql,MongoDB) WordPress, Bakery, Elementor, CMS, WooCommerce, Divi, Plugin Customization, Theme Customization HTML5/CSS3/Bootstrap4 (UI/UX) Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3, Mobile UI, EMAIL Designing Web Performance (website speed optimization) RestAPI's, OOP Adobe Photoshop Server Side working Tools (VS code, Visual Studio, php Strom, sublime and Net Bean)

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